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2019 Documentary Contributing Editor Application

Sundance’s Documentary Film Program (DFP) is committed to supporting emerging editors and envision this unique position as a supporting role that is balanced by mentorship, creative community, and networking opportunities. Contributing Editor (CE) candidates are considered by nomination only from a pool of Lab Alumni as well as partners in the field. The ideal CE will have significant assistant editor experience, is a great problem solver, with the ability to integrate in a team quickly and also have strong creative vision and a great sense of humor.
Contributing Editors play a crucial technical and creative role by supporting a project team (Director & Editor) through their Lab experience. Contributing Editors will be responsible for the physical and technical setup and breakdown of the Fellows’ workstations and provide technical, editorial and creative support to Fellows and their projects over the course of the week.
The Documentary Edit and Story Lab runs from June 21-29, 2019 and takes place at the Sundance Mountain Resort in Utah. Selected participants are provided complimentary round-trip airfare, lodging, meals and ground transportation to/from the airport in Utah.
The selection process involves a written application and up to two rounds of phone or in person  interviews with DFP and Lab staff. Invitations for both Labs are made simultaneously no later than the beginning of May.
If you have any questions, please email